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[Hint: You'll find the answers in
exhibitions written by Paul Rosenthal]

From Chattanooga's Creative Discovery Museum
Liquid paper was invented by the mother of...

A) Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits.
B) Michael Nesmith of the Monkees.
C) Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.

From Earth 2U, Exploring Geography
(Smithsonian Institution)

The most powerful winds on Earth come from...

A) Tornadoes.
B) Hurricanes.
C) Ethel Merman.

From the Holocaust Memorial Museum of Skopje, Macedonia
After Spain and Portugal expelled all Jews in 1492, the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II...

A) Welcomed the fleeing Jews to his Muslim realm.
B) Arranged safe transit across his lands to Poland.
C) Asked them to bring some whitefish salad.

From "Baseball as America," National Baseball Hall of Fame
Baseball was invented by...

A) Ethel Merman.
B) Abner Doubleday.
C) Nobody in particular.

From "Revolution, The First 2,000 Years of Computing"
The Computer History Museum

In 1964, IBM transformed computing by marketing...

A) A smart machine.
B) A dumb machine.
C) A blue machine.

From A Living Memorial to the Holocaust/
Museum of Jewish Heritage

Kohlrabi is...

A) A prayer of mourning.
B) A really hip religious leader.
C) A turnip-like vegetable.

From the Columbus, Indiana Visitors Center
The world-class designers who made Columbus, Indiana famous as an architectural gem included...

A) Eero Saarinen.
B) Eliel Saarinen.
C) Ethel Merman.

From The Sant Ocean Hall at the Smithsonian
National Museum of Natural History

Polar bears don't dine on penguins because...

A) Penguins taste terrible.
B) They're too busy listening to Ethel Merman.
C) They can't catch them.

From The Harley-Davidson Museum
A "social attachment" for 1903 motorbikes was...

A) Bikers' slang for their girlfriends.
B) Bikers' slang for Ethel Merman.
C) A nice wicker chair.

From The Franklin Institute
If you're going to walk across hot coals...

A) Bring marshmallows.
B) Panic.
C) Don't wear wool or cotton socks.

From The Hershey Museum
At the 1893 World's Fair, the Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Milton Hershey saw...

A) A lecture by Belgium's Minister of Confection.
B) Ethel Merman.
C) A copy of the Venus de Milo crafted from 1,500 lbs. of chocolate.

From Copia, The American Center for Wine, Food, and the Arts
Wine bars were invented in...

A) The Roman Empire.
B) Medieval Spain.
C) Brooklyn.

From “Numbers in Nature,” a film at Chicago’s Museum of
Science and Industry

Evolution is biased towards...

A) Ethel Merman.
B) Increasing size and complexity.
C) Whatever works.

From Mohonk Preserve Visitors Center
The call of the tufted titmouse doesn't sound like...

A) "Peter, Peter, Peter."
B) "Here, here, here."
C) Ethel Merman